Saturday, 5 November 2011

funny how the distance learns to grow

Saturday night and I'm at a going-away party for a friend.

He's off to Beijing on Sunday to work. It's not that long since I was with a different friend who had a similar plan. Not to Beijing, but instead to Shanghai - hardly in the same vicinity but only 4 hours on the bullet train.

In amongst the drinking and music, the inevitable questions were asked around how/what/why? and some of the people there were expecting detailed explanations. I didn't go along that route and am much more able to settle for the 'It is what it is' type of explanation.

For the moment I'll have to make do with Chinatown in Soho, but it's got me thinking about a visit.


Pat said...

For some reason the photo made me think of Vancouver.

Ellie said...

Just a visit though, right?

rashbre said...

Pat: I know what you mean, although I took the Chinese picture in Central London.

Ellie: He's there now - I shall await report on his progress.