Monday, 31 October 2011

No bats

I was booked into a hotel for Halloween, but actually dining in a different one with some work colleagues.

I don't think any of us noticed Halloween during the evening, although at lunch time in a different venue with a colleague we had noticed the lone Christmas cracker on the table as we hastily ate jacket potatoes before heading to a meeting.

I'm guessing it's all a factor of the pre-scheduling of everything now. My best Halloween encounters were Friday night, when I sat in a pizza place which had a pretty good pumpkin and then later in the evening the pub had a full complement of scary people spilling out across the late-night pavement. pizza place pumpkin The iPhone pizza place pumpkin picture (pause for breath) is above, but the picture at the top shows my 'creature of the night' performance after we left the Hallows Evening restaurant. I'd decided early evening to go home instead of back to the other hotel. It was a case of a 2h30 mid evening drive versus a 3 to 4 hour drive with an early start the next morning.

And I was back well before the witching hour.

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