Thursday, 13 October 2011

Lytro light field

The conversations swooped around yesterday including some intra family discoveries of musical and photographic interest.

I was tipped off about the Lytro, which is the new technology camera that doesn't need to be focused. It use light field technology, which is like having a set of micro lenses to support every pixel in the sensor. That means it can record multiple depths of field in the equivalent of the RAW image. The current images are relatively small pixel counts, but it means that the decision about the point of focus can be left until post production.

For most photographers the choice of focus is something done at the point of pressing the shutter, but I suppose this can be used for a new type of point and shoot camera where the camera pretty much captures everything and then lets the 'user' choose the thing to be kept in focus - "Shoot first, focus later"

Of course, we also debated its use for video, but even for photos this must be bashing out quite a large file size.

Still, its one to (literally) watch.

Try it here: Decide how to present the above picture of Coco Rocha with a bicycle. Click to focus on her face, the wall or one or other of the bicycle wheels. Double click to zoom.


Lady Banana said...

Very nice!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I think it might drive me crazy....! LOL!