Monday, 17 October 2011

Bat flash trigger Tigger tale

remote trigger experiments There' a complicated chain reaction that led to these pictures.

I decided to take another picture of the bats flying in the garden, this time with a flash. It really isn't much effort because they seem to appear punctually at around 20 minutes after the sun sets, which has been around 6:30 or so for the last few days.

I found a flash gun and connected it to a camera and when the bats appeared I simply fired a few shots. The effect was almost blinding. A white wall of light that looked as if we were under alien attack. The bats seem unperturbed and carried on hunting for insects.

"There's lighting!" I could hear a neighbour calling out, "It must be very close!"

I decided to abandon the experiment which was starting to divert aeroplanes.

As I returned indoors I noticed that the camera was remote triggering the flash. Cue Tigger to pose for a couple of test shots. remote trigger experiments


Anonymous said...

Or slave flash or wireless flash.

I have that capability with my set up but I've never got to grips with the complex analysis of guide numbers iso and aperture that my flash gun needs. But with nights drawing in it could be time to do some learning.

rashbre said...

vladography Yes, I agree all that ISO Guide number stuff can be quite fiddly.

Like another recent event I think its sometimes better to just experiment and observe the results.

A key discovery point for me is that I can use the camera flash as a non flashing master/trigger for the other flashguns.

Time to find the baco-foil.

Ellie said...

Tigger is CUTE

rashbre said...

Ellie...and bouncy.