Wednesday, 26 October 2011

barrels of oil equivalent at the car service

bit of the engine Wednesday was car service day.

Its a whole year that I've had the current car and its little message popped up a few days ago to remind me to take it for a service. By the time I was ready, it had slid into "5 days past service" on the dashboard message and required me to tap "OK" before it would give me the normal read-outs.

Of course, the car is like a giant computer now anyway, and it only mildly surprised me when the chap in the service depot was explaining what they'd done.

"We've updated the command control software from version 1.3 to version 6."

I must admit I was slightly unnerved by this (thoughts of Windows updates in my mind - and especially for something that's only a year old). He was anticipating my reaction and said "Don't worry, it's a routine update."

I shall be interested if the change means that the very occasional playfully wrong "Now turn right" messages have been eliminated.

Then he went on to explain how they had "connected the car to Germany" to have the engine software updated. That it was all 'free' under warranty. And they'd done some modifications to some injector cables also under warranty.

So far, so good and all sounding inexpensive.

They got me on the oil though. I'm sure it needed changing, but I think I must have bought a whole barrel.

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