Friday, 9 September 2011

new lists and hold the ice cream

It might still be the ice creams and holiday season for a few people, but most of us have gone back to work now from the Summer holidays.

My proper switch-on was Monday and by Tuesday I was on client calls and by Thursday I needed to start making lists again.

Of course, in my case it a different operating model for me now. I haven't even fully got all my revised technology working. Still, I can't help noticing how quickly the familiar signs of early morning calls and mid to late evening calls are occurring. I'm thinking I may also need a revised form of self discipline to make my new approach work.

But, as I was explaining to a few people on over a pleasant evening, it's possibly the way of the future with more people developing 'portfolio careers'. I'll have to see how this all plays out but at the moment I'm thinking it could be rather good fun.

Although I'll be going easy on the Cold Stone Creamery*. DSCF6742

* my new favourite ice cream, discovered in Albuquerque and mercifully unavailable in the UK.

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Nikki-ann said...

Isn't it awful when you find something absolutely delicious abroad, but can't find it at home.