Saturday, 24 September 2011

in which i get a draft trailer for the triangle novel

Triangle Trailer 2 It's not ready for general publication yet, but I'm amused to say I've received an early copy of a trailer related to the Triangle (clickable confidential preview above).

I must admit I sort of laughed out loud when I played it, but in a good way.

This all links in with the "Hollywood adventures" related to the Triangle and the components of what will be in some sort of distribution pack.

I gather its got some fancy name (not EPK - Electronic Press Kit) - Something more film industry specific. Anyway, for the moment the fledgling trailer/sting is looking okay, even if they have got the story slightly wrong.

I suppose in time I'll have to decide whether to settle for a mini series or to hold out for a Hollywood blockbuster.

Decisions, decisions...

Meanwhile, here's the old video I made where a couple of the characters meet at an airport and Patricia is on the search for a Cinnabon franchise.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Unfortunately I am having a "SOUND" problem on ALL YouTube Videos and some other ones, too.....Grrrrr. This happened once before---maybe two years ago or so---And FINALLY, it all righted itself....But, that hasn't happened yet.
At least I can read what the first Video says! Who is responsible for putting this out, my dear?

Pat said...

Highly effective trailer IMO.

rashbre said...

Naomi and Pat: I am continuing to be amazed by the whole showbiz/media thing. I have no real idea how any of this works but am quite enjoying the madness.