Sunday, 25 September 2011

from small acorns

acorns A Sunday morning bicycle ride today, whilst most people were still asleep.

Tyres re-pumped to 100psi with the main noises being squarks of nearby birds and distant sounds from traffic.

I did see one person carrying a tell-tale shotgun bag, but what with it being Sunday and all, I'm assuming it was simply being moved, and not deployed. There's a couple of areas that if I pass in the week I'll hear the crack of shotguns, but I think Sunday is supposed to be silent in England.

And further along I spotted an open gate, leading to an interesting landmark that is usually padlocked away. Worth a short detour to explore, and then on the way back to stop to pick up a few acorns.

I doubt if they would grow, but it might be worth throwing a few outside to see what happens.

And soon, nearby bells begin to peal as the rest of the area begins to go about its business.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Acorns--I have always loved them and thought they were Beautiful---PLUS, I lovd the idea of "From Little Acorns"....well you know the rest. I'd Plant them, my dear!

Pat said...

I wonder if acorns are as effective as horse chestnuts in keeping those ginormous spiders at bay?

rashbre said...

OldOldLady Of The Hills: I will certainly plant them.

Pat: I wish I'd picked up a few horse chestnuts too. I certainly saw enough and it would have been a brilliant experiment.