Monday, 12 September 2011

as the evening starts to glow

Beverley Knight Quite a busy weekend, including attending the last festival of the summer.

I'm sure its not really the last event, but it certainly feels like the start of the transition from standing outside to standing inside.

Among the performers was the excellent Beverley Knight who blasted out a terrific set in the sunshine, ahead of what then became a drizzle and later a downpour.

I also broke away from recent small camera obsession and took an SLR for this one, to get a few pictures. It still a lottery about big cameras at gigs though, I still remember getting turned away at Exeter and having to take a long lens back to the car park.
No such problems here although admittedly I used the 'get close' manoeuvre to good effect. Beverley Knight

I've been to quite a few gigs in Hyde Park and it is a very pleasant venue if the weather holds. This one started with a Bart Simpson sky although later the moodier clouds arrived. I'd travelled light relying on a cycle waterproof and baseball cap to improvise weather protection.

Others were more prepared with proper chairs and picnics but then later the umbrellas were out in force. I've no problem with either further away from the stage, but think the first rows should be kept for fans who don't want to block the view for others.

My picture below illustrates a perfect configuration; quite distant from the stage, somewhat improvised plastic bag-like waterproofing; fizz at the centre and a generally happy demeanour.
Yes, I did take a street camera as well.


Lady Banana said...

I was listening to Beverley at this concert on the radio as we drove through the countryside.

Do you have a waterproof camera? That's what I'm tempted to get considering the rain we get!

Nikki-ann said...

Beverely Knight is good. I saw her support Take That once. I would have loved to have been there (mainly to see Gary Barlow), but made do with the radio.

Good shots! :)

rashbre said...

Lady Banana and Nikki-ann: I gather some was on telly too, although I haven't seen it. Its just quite pleasant to use the Parks sometimes for these type of events.
Lady Banana : As for waterproofing the camera, the one I took says its waterproof (i.e. against rain, not scuba), but I still prefer a zippy freezer bag for emergency use.