Tuesday, 6 September 2011


spinning clock Yesterday saw the start of my new work regime. I've been adapting from 25x8 and taken time out in the summer before resuming under a "new operating model."

Keen as anything I had my sharpened pencils ready and the metaphorical gleaming protractor and compasses prepared to measure angles and draw circles.

I'd also kept 'silent running' until Monday on the basis that things might get busy quickly.

I was not wrong.

I started Monday at 06:00 and was quickly sending out a few starter emails to announce my presence. The early replies were coming at me before 07:00 and progressively increased as the day proceeded. I'm already having to prioritise and start to turn a few items away.

And that was how it continued with calls running to about 19:30 in the evening. I'll admit to a short bicycle ride during the afternoon; I took my phone and had to stop in the first ten minutes to take a call.

This morning was a later start, but then I noticed I'd somehow missed an 06:00 conference call with Sweden.

I may need to think further about fine-tuning this "new operating model".

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Ellie said...

whoopsie daisy!