Sunday, 7 August 2011

at one with now

A pleasant day wandering the sunny but surprisingly quiet beaches, dipping into the Pacific and generally chilling.

It's easy to understand why Brother One Feather has made this a home with the Temple of One Love as his place for living in the Now.

Love and Peace.


Carmi said...

You always capture the essence of a place in your travels. I feel like I need to head toward the water now...maybe I'll feel the Zen, as well!

Robbin said...

he does not live in the now. I lived with him for five years and during this time he attempted to take my life. now if that is living in the now and living in love and peace I find such a great disconnect. This is a very disorderly minded being. I know I experience it. He loves to drink and is a very disturbed being. He is not what he appears to be.

One Feather said...

robbin, you have continued to stalk, torment and terrorize me for well over 5 years now. Stop now as I have accumulated almost 200 post made from you even with the restraining order in place. Move On, or I will have you put back in jail again for stalking like you spent those months for tormenting jeff as well. Your continuing slander must stop or I will pursue legal actions against you. For a woman who has spent time in jail for trying to run over jeff and for persistent stalking, one whould hope that you have learned or grown but obviously have not. P.S. I know its you still being the nasty woman you are known as in Santa Barbara that is still STALKING me under a FAKE name on FB and you have been reported and if you dont stop with slandering my good name, I WILL see you back in court again.

One Feather said...

and to set the record straight, I spent one night with you regrettably and then took 5 years of your tortures stalking and terrorizing crazy behavior before snapping on you for repeatedly stealing my money,time and joyfulness. Are you ever aware of your nasty reputation in Santa Barbara? Everybody hates you there to the point of running yourself out of town and yet I am loved by most. Now stop all the slander or we will meet court.

Robbin said...

Lets get to the truth of the matter. I to have every e mail that was sent through out the years between us. Remember you were in jail for assault on my being. So who is slandering who? I did not force you to sneak up from behind , then proceed to attempt to strangle and pick me up to throw me off Stearns Wharf Pier in Santa Barbara on that early morning. Who was stalking who on that morning? I was enjoying a peaceful moment on the pier which I did every morning, was listening to peaceful music with my head sets on when you pounced on me from behind. I think you need to revisit your story before slandering my GOOD name,I realize the TRUTH HURTS, just because it hurts does not make the truth go away. I suggest you go heal yourself before SLANDERING others to protect your lies and 1/2 truths. Now go and do the right thing for yourself.