Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Another Hooray for Hollywood

We were driving somewhere on Sunday and somehow had a copy of the Sunday Mirror in the back of the car. The horoscopes were read and mine (as well as another car occupant) both had to expect 'good news on Tuesday'.

Amidst the usual chortling we each promptly forgot the information we'd been given.

Then, lo, on Tuesday I received a phone call from America. Not so unusual and I'll confess the first one dropped through to voicemail. When I listened, there were a couple of keywords that caught my attention - "The Triangle" and "Hollywood".

Yeah, right.

Anyone who regularly reads rashbre central will know that my novel writing has been something of an experiment, with its origins in the annual NaNoWriMo process.

They'll know that I'm grateful for the support that I've been given as the book finally emerged blinking into the sunlight. And maybe know that the royalties are fed into a sort of low-budget gambling project.

But this latest twist adds a new dimension to the experiment. The phone call asked me about getting the book presented to "Hollywood filmmakers". I remembered the Cat Deeley quote about 'always answering the phone' in L.A.

Now I've read Elmore Leonard and so the Get Shorty blend of gambling and movie making resonates with The Triangle situation. I'll need to make a decision about this pretty quickly and let's face it, I did announce the availability of the movie rights in the opening section of the book.

A new extension of the experiment, that links well with my recent trip to Hollywood.

And if it doesn't work, there's always the Christina Nott music. Oh, that's covered in another Elmore Leonard novel.

Be Cool.


Imaginography said...

How exciting! If nothing else it's always nice to be asked!

rashbre said...

Imaginography: You'll detect that I won't be holding my breath on this one - but it should make a good story as it unfolds.