Sunday, 10 July 2011

in which the garage becomes a space freighter

The picture is before the upstairs landing started to look like the loading dock for a space freighter from an episode of Alien.

The technology those films don't explain quite so well is how people know what is in which pod. I suppose its all digitalised?

In my case the secret is to have slightly transparent crates, so you can see what is inside without needing to open them again. Some might say that once stuff reaches the 'crate' stage it is very much a one-way trip and the next appearance will be at a car-boot sale, on eBay or into the next arriving skip.

I've decided that it might be good to have some rules like they do with space ships. The current bulk cost to ship a kilo to geosynchronous orbit is around $20,000. Assuming it arrives safely of course.

My tariff for the trip to the garage could be a little less, but it would certainly focus the mind on what is really worth keeping.
ripley on patrol


Ellie said...

Moving house is a good way to get rid of crap as well. Not that any of your stuff is crap!

rashbre said...

Ellie The next stage will be to stage 'Crate Fest', where, to a rock music soundtrack, I take the contents of each of the already stored containers and see how much can be junked.

Pat said...

It's as if they have vanished off the face of the earth - once I put things in boxes. They look quite pretty though.

rashbre said...

Pat - I'm not sure I'd call the boxes I've been using 'pretty'... Dusty, maybe?