Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I add a wifi hot spot to the car

glassy_WiFi_symbolLet's face it, most of the time we all have pretty good access to wifi these days. The various cloud and free to air offerings around London keep a pretty good signal without needing to remember the warchalk inscriptions.

But what about that inconvenient moment when you are a passenger in a car and the only available iPad doesn't have 3G? Or the laptop doesn't have its own SIM card?

Shock horror.

But easily solved.

I recently switched the car's phone cradle from Blackberry to iPhone (that's part of another story).

Whilst arranging it so that the car's two separate bluetooth nodes don't compete, I thought I might as well add the hotspot facility. My car dealership tells me the official option for a wifi hotspot to be added is £1016.

personal hotspot
Actually, it was easy to hang on to the cash and simply enable the iPhone hotspot. With it plugged into the cradle it has a good antenna and power.

Its quite a change from the days when cars came with instructions about not using the phone unless in a caddy, in case it messed with other car electronics or blew up the airbags.

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