Friday, 15 July 2011

follow me, follow you?

screenshot_01I'm probably missing something, but I have been bemused by some of the recent followers on my twitter account. Not my @rashbre, but another account that is to do with the new company I've been setting up.

I'm pretty familiar with the usual activities associated with advertising 'offers you can't refuse', 'money making schemes often from Southern Africa' and 'pills and potions' but this one is leaving me intrigued.

The account concerned creates pretty earnest sounding chatter about cloud computing and similar yet there seems to be an unexpected interest from attractive female IT professionals who follow an average of 200-400 people, have an average of about 25% of this number following them back and have issued between 0 and 2 tweets in total. Intriguingly many, but not all, of them seemed to join twitter around 5-6th April this year.

My only clue came the other day when I noticed a new announcement from a very well known micro-processor supplier which was then re-tweeted, not by any of my new friends, but instead from another set of people with - er- very similar attributes.

There's probably an urban dictionary term for what is occurring, but I'm not sure whether asking meaghan (who seems to have forgotten her dress in the photo pose) will give me the answer I'm looking for.

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