Tuesday, 19 July 2011

filtering the UK news

Only a short time away from the UK and I'm noticing the different emphasis to the intermittent news from our fair island. The distance and filtering makes it sound just that bit more bizarre. Almost 'Keystone Kops' in the way its being described.

The big UK story on American TV channels is still the News Corps allegations although the pieces here seem to add up differently (and use old footage).
The extra stories are about Rebekah Brooke's husband's laptop computer being found in the underground carpark 'trash' in Chelsea Harbour. And then some stories about 'Scotland Yard' police resignations. And to top it all a story about the Sun's website being hacked and a fake story about the pollonium poisoning of Murdoch.

It reminds me about that old quote that if there's no news then make something up.

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