Saturday, 16 July 2011

books for the beach

books to be filed
I've always read a fair amount, subject to the vagaries of work and travel. When I spent time commuting around London I'd read a newspaper and then switch to a compact format book as the train filled up.

My picture illustrates the dilemma of travel with books though. I don't always want to read the same book all of the time (I do sometimes) but there's a problem carrying multiple books around. The holiday season exemplifies this. American format paperbacks are usually the best because they are generally smaller than UK ones, although they seem to be printed on thicker paper than, say, a Penguin edition.

As for anything recently published - it means hardback although that's generally a no-no because of the bulk.

My visualisation graph in the picture illustrate the problem.

Column 1 is the lone book I plan to read which isn't available electronically. Column 2 shows some books I've been reading and want to finish, but would take up too much space in my back-pack. Column 3 is a representative sample of recent books I've read but haven't got around to filing away anywhere yet. Column 4 are a few example magazine type publications I might also dip into, but not necessarily read every item in each edition.

I've decided to take a Kindle instead - other than the not available titles, it could swallow all of this pile of 35 books. And a further 100 similar piles. Some might say that there's a different feel to a Kindle compared with paper. Yes, it's easier to turn the page and they don't flap back again at an awkward angle. Some might say there's a different smell. More free monomer than musty. I can handle that too. Some might say that they don't have the same feel as the book. Try carrying "Hackney, that Rose Red Empire" for very long...

If the idea of a book is to pour some thoughts and ideas into one's head then I'm actually less concerned about the physics of the delivery vehicle. After all, its supposed to 'disappear' if the writing is good, in any case.

So I'll be packing light.

But I will take a charger.

Oh, and my "on bargain special offer" Kindle best-seller The Triangle


Nikki-ann said...

You're taking your Kindle charger, how long are you going on holiday for? My Kindle battery life lasts for quite some time! I'm also planning to take mine with me to Edinburgh on Monday for my holiday. I'm not sure how much reading I'll get done, but I know I'm bound to buy a book or two while I'm there, so I don't want to be taking physical books with me too.

rashbre said...

Nikki-ann: I'll just take the piece of wire. It would be annoying if it did run down. I know it says a month, but only 10 days with the wireless enabled. Enjoy Edinburgh!

Anonymous said...

I must admit that if I love a book I would buy it in paper form. There is something satisfying about physically turning a page and having them on a shelf. But fortravelling you can't beat a Kindle (or in my case an iPad with the Kindle App). Have a great trip!

Bobkat / Imaginography

Lady Banana said...

I have the Kindle on the iPad, but not really got into reading on it yet - I love the feel and smell of new books too much..

Plus I resent the fact that the electronic books are usually more expensive than paper and you can't even lend them to friends and family!

Nikki-ann said...

Rashbre: I only turn Wireless on when downloading/syncing, then I turn it off again... Which reminds me, I didn't turn it off earlier!

Ellie said...

Good argument for electronic reading. I might be tempted. But waiting to finish all my books before I take the dip! :)

Pat said...

Also great for reading heavy books try Diana Athill's Life Class in bed.
I haven't bought one yet but then holidays are few and far between these days. Or as the sons say 'Life is all one holiday for you.'

Debra said...

I've resisted the kindle long enough - I love books, not just reading them but holding onto the favourites on ever increasing bookshelves. But I'm succumbing and have put in a request for one from a certain someone who is in the US right now. I won't be giving up books, but will use it to cut down on reading on my laptop.