Sunday, 12 June 2011

you say smile i say cheese

I’m not sure if “you can’t have too many bikes” is like the more well known quote, ”you can never have too many hats” but I suppose if the cap fits, then wear it.

In my case I’ve a modest selection of bikes and today should really have taken one with mudguards because of the drizzling rain as I set out. Instead I have returned with an exclamation mark painted on my back in the colour of damp road surface.

The exclamation mark is quite appropriate at the moment, given that I’m going through another one of my experimental phases partly as an attempt to rebalance my busy working schedule with some other activities.

I’m thinking ‘portfolio lifestyle’ as a phrase for it, but there’s probably already a marketeers’ abbreviation which will become clear to me after I post this and take a look at the spam comments.

Quite simply it’s about reclaiming some bits of time.

I’m very aware that I get to travel and see places because of what I do, but mainly at a speed that makes everything quite blurry. Two weeks ago in Brussels. Did I see the town? Nope. What about when I was in the Haag just before that. I saw a sunlit square on the walk to a taxi. How about Oslo? Oh yes, I walked around the block outside of the meeting area for ten minutes before we were due to start. Greece was different, but I suppose that was on my own time.

But all of this is the problem with cycling. It gives me time to think. To watch the world and consider options. Just like I was doing whilst studying the sky in Mykonos.

Time for some changes.

But first I must get out of this T-shirt with the rainy exclamation mark on it.

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