Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Triangle - Kindle Edition

The Triangle - Kindle EditionI realised that the last 3-4 books I've read were all eBooks.

Sometime ago I installed the Kindle reader on my iPad and more recently downloaded a few books to save space packing whilst on vacation.

It worked well except when I took the iPad onto a very sunlit beach and decided that wasn't such a bright idea.

But for general reading it is very useful and compact enough to be an easy choice to take along. It also caters well to the 'reading many things at once' habit and always remembers the right page.

So, what more natural thing than to test down load a copy of 'The Triangle'? An absolute bargain at its $2.99/£2.13/€2.40 eBook price.

Naturally I will still recommend this to everyone as a 'good read' for the summer and , who knows, maybe I'll get around to publishing Part 2 sometime soon?


Lady Banana said...

I really really really will read your book when I can manage it - I did start when I got it but things happened and I never got far..

I feel bad for that :(

Not sure I'll ever get used to reading e-books though, part of the experience I enjoy is the feel and smell of the book!

rashbre said...

Lady Banana : I also have a conventional pile of books yet to read. I suspect I'll be a hybrid reader now, although I've surprised myself at how many of the books I read are now electronic.

Aer Conditionat said...

Interesting, i will download it on my kindle. Seems to be a very nice book. I will post again after i will finish it. THanks for sharing.

Imaginography said...

I must say that your book still remains on my 'to read' pile. It's not because I have been reading something else, but because I simply haven't been reading anything other than photography books and related things for a while now. Have moved it next to my bed now and will make time to read it

rashbre said...

Bobkat I Had some hotel down time this evening. Hence:

European version to follow:

Michael G. Thomas said...

Excellent stuff. Congratulations on completing the book and even more importantly getting it out and published. I will review it by the end of tomorrow.

On a related note, have you viewed your goodreads profile? Could be a handy way to promote your title. I've already taken the liberty of linking your blog to your existing profile. If you register you can claim your persona and then make changes.


rashbre said...

Michael : Thanks for getting me started on goodreads. I've done something similar in the past with librarything. To be honest I've never really go into the whole 'book promotion' but maybe I should.