Sunday, 5 June 2011

nose approaching grindstone again

emptying pockets
Back to base today and a reasonable amount of unpacking.

Just emptying a pocket produced an interesting mix of items ahead of the re-filing of everything into separate compartments, including (don't laugh) the Euro coins back into a Ziploc bag.

I've just rebooted the work PC and am waiting for about 35Mb of messages to tumble in. I'll quietly admit to taking my blackberry along but also to being rather selective about the ones I opened.

I fear my nose may be as ground as the statue of Artemis in Delos by the end of tomorrow. I see I'm back to 19:30-20:00 meetings again already.

1 comment:

Nikki-ann said...

By tomorrow it'll probably feel like you've never been away!

Still, I love the photos you've taken. It looks like you had a lovely time :)