Sunday, 19 June 2011

lady of the lake

pond life
A short morning bicycle ride. I realised that I'd started early when I cycled past a couple of people and said "'afternoon!" and they looks slightly puzzled.

I'm telling myself its because of the longer days.

They can't look too oddly at me though, not when there's the local lady of the lake being used to scare the big birds away from the ducklings.

Although the heron is somewhat undeterred.


Ellie said...

That pic is hysterical!

Pat said...

Reminds me of Virginia Woolf's last fatal paddle - with pebbles in her pocket.
My son agreed with you about the beer but thinks Abbot? is better.

rashbre said...

Ellie : Yes - interesting to watch people spot it for the first time and then realise its a well- (not so) heeled scarecrow.

Pat : Virginia was a great writer.

I agree with the point about the Abbot and indeed St Edmund. I was just considering that the more basic IPA is still very drinkable if well kept.