Friday, 24 June 2011

The Botanist to the Mason's Arms

The Botanist
Thursday evening we met at the bustling Botanist. Our little gang had swapped emails, texts and staccato phone calls as I walked to meet across the middle of Sloane Square.

I'd picked the bar because it is like a crash course in Chelsea people watching. Early evening and the fashionable place was already spilling out across the pavement.

After a suitable pause to catch breath, I led my out of towners for a brief spin around more of the area. We strolled along the King's Road, before stopping for a while in a small place by the Saatchi.

We were discussing new possible residency in the area, so the trip around could have been considered as a form of diligence.

Then a brief bus ride, a wander through the the park, and onward for some home made coffee before heading further south towards a friendly pub where we chatted and made plans.


Ellie said...

I noticed The Botanist for the first time last night when the cabbie drove me by it. I thought to myself, 'Look at all those Sloanies.'

rashbre said...

Ellie : Hmm, rumbled. I was deliberately taking my 'out of towners' to somewhere with a Sloaney vibe before showing them some more conventional spots. They were even new to the King's Road.

The pub used to be the Royal Court Tavern before the botanists arrived. We used to go opposite to the somewhat controversial Oriel's - which is now closed.

Of course a drinking pub nearby would be the Rose and Crown or the tiny Fox and Hounds.

Pat said...

I'm struck by how muffled everyone is - clothes wise. Must have been one of the cold spells. We're sweltering here.

rashbre said...

Pat: Yes - it was quite windy and there had been rain when we arrived, although also the picture I've used isn't current.

Bobkat said...

Sounds like a most convivial time. Sloanies aside :)

Ellie said...

I loved Oriels. They had fantastic almonds. A recruiter bought me a steak there once, before I quit the job she had gotten me thereby sabotaging her commission. Oh well. I've been wondering if they will reopen after the renovation or if that's it ... it's gone. x

rashbre said...

Bobkat Yes, with parts of London you have to decide whether to look at the scene or be in it. I was with folk who don't know the area and it was more fun to show them a natural habitat.

rashbre said...

Ellie : There are some places that have - well - an attitude. ;-)