Saturday, 21 May 2011

postcards from the cove

Today was a 'good breakfast' day. Weekday breakfasts are usually hurried and even when I was away in a hotel for part of this week it was still improvisation over style.

So I was in mid-preparation when a newspaper arrived. It fell open in the travel section and lo and behold, there was a full page picture of Steephill Cove.

It's a small beach area we go to on the Isle of Wight and indeed were there a few weeks ago (over the Royal Wedding weekend - I even posted a picture of the view).

You really need to know about it and there isn't really a proper access for vehicles, so it can be kind of secluded.

The little boathouse in the picture is a restaurant - mainly seafood - and rather a sought after spot. The cafe next door serves a decent cuppa and ice cream too.

Steephill is around a twenty minute dawdle along the collapsing cliff edge from Ventnor, which is a kind of rashbre southern. And don't look too closely at neighbours around the Cove. They could include Sienna Miller, Robert Pattinson and Kate Moss.

Here's an aerial shot from our balcony in Ventnor, past the Spyglass Inn and showing the route to Steephill. You can just see the Cove's white Lighthouse structure in the background.

Yikes - It feels as if I'm sending Postcards...
Spyglass Inn


Nikki-ann said...

I've never been to the Isle of White, but I'd certainly like to go, especially having seen your "postcards"! :)

rashbre said...

Nikki-ann - Isle of Wight is a fine place (but I'm biased) - some would say its a little back in time, but very "English pretty".