Tuesday, 24 May 2011

a Grimsvötn's gonna fall

Iceland Grimsvötn
I've been sniffing the air to try to detect this year's Icelandic volcano dust heading my way.

Last year's one did create a sort of brown smear in the air but at the moment it's all clear blue up above.

We do already get those mystery days when the car has a sudden layer of glittery dust on it, although I usually put it down to sand storms in a distant desert.

And I'd have thought that planes flying around in Arizona or parts of the Middle East or Africa would also have to filter away various kinds of dust particle?

I suppose its like the British railways with 'wrong kind of snow', where this would be 'wrong kind of grit'?

Anyway, now we've got the Cobra committee deciding what to do as the days tick nervously towards a long weekend when I intend to use my passport.

Well on Dylan's birthday Grimsvötn's 'grim waters' do indeed become a hard rain that's gonna fall.


Ellie said...

I'm due on a flight this afternoon. I've not thought much about the possibility of delay, but I might be (badly) surprised!

rashbre said...

Ellie: trusting that your flight was more or less on schedule. I see BA were flying a test plane through the dust today. It seemed to work.