Sunday, 8 May 2011


focus cayo needs a clean
Sunday evening and I'm watching television.

Last weekend was pretty hectic and as it concluded a few of us sat together in a pub wondering how we'd packed so much in.

By contrast, this weekend has blurred for different reasons; a combination of Saturday's late start after a mid evening Friday return from the airport. I didn't even unpack until Saturday afternoon.

Add some household tasks and a Sunday bike ride followed by hours of business work and the weekend soon evaporated.

Right now I can hear the distant squeak of a blueberry cheesecake coming from the refrigerator.

It needs liberation.


Pat said...

Busy busy! That saddle looks a bit unrelenting:)

rashbre said...

Pat: The saddle is fine, although I'll admit my 'pub bike' has a somewhat wider Brooks leather one.