Tuesday, 26 April 2011

television selection

Westminster Abbey
I drove to the office this morning, expecting the roads to be clear with everyone taking extra days by way of an extended break between Easter, the Royal Wedding and then Spring Bank Holiday.

But I was wrong about the traffic, with what looked to me to be above average amounts for most of the journey.

Those not at work can play the television game of trying to work out a way to link programmes together to get almost continuous coverage of the upcoming event. Riffling through tonight's television as a quick example, theres:

1800: 178 : London ITV News - including Wedding Coverage preparations
1830: 101 : BBC London News - with Wedding coverage
1900: 109 : Watch : William and Kate Plus 8 Royal
2000: 105 : C5 : William and Kate - The Story So Far
2100: 103 : ITV1: When William met Kate
2100: 116 : BBC4 : Royal Wedding
2220: 116 : BBC4 : The Great British Wedding
2300: 363 : Magic : Royal Wedding Fever - 3 days to go

I haven't checked all of the news channels and quiz shows, nor the plus one channels. And Dave (111) is still playing Top Gear repeats.

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