Wednesday, 16 March 2011

not whining

A few of us had met together in a riverside pub. It was a somewhat ad-hoc gathering after work.

It felt almost unusual to be close to 'home ground' because several of us have been travelling with paths that have crossed randomly in other cities and countries.

I was drinking London Pride and innocently made a comment about proper London beer, getting a response about, "So what other sort have you been drinking?" to which I explained my recent travel which has also involved some fancy wine bars and similar.

Indeed, during my travels I was even part of a Swiss/Dutch/Swedish/English winning pub quiz team. The wine meant my return trip had checked baggage.

Another well-travelled but non quiz-winning colleague was drinking expensive Belgian beer in any case.

So we looked around the little group of us, there were a tall frosted glasses of premium lager, various bottles and someone sipping beer from a wine glass. I think I was the only one that would keep draft bitter as a default drink.

But I'm not bitter, even if I do have a little wine.

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