Tuesday, 22 February 2011

low anthem - smart flesh - No. 0057

The Low Anthem - Smart Flesh - No. 0057
Another band I enjoy just issued a new record. It's The Low Anthem and the album is called Smart Flesh.

I'll come clean -if you look at the cover picture carefully you'll see the number of the copy is 57. As I open the packaging I can't help but sniff the ink and pressed card smell. No, I don't do that with plastic boxed CDs, but Alec and Dan the letterpress printers deserve a little recognition for their artistry.

And will the album meet my expectations? It's both their recognisable style but with some new twists and a huge array of instruments. This band thrives in an intimate setting and I was a little worried that the pasta factory used for half the tracks would be a large and echoing. No such worry. The acoustics linger and the band has adapted its sound for the space. The other tracks are in a smaller room and the different sound stage shows through. Theres even a slightly longer gap after one of the tracks symbolic of a 'Side 2' moment.

This album has its share of borderless highways, tightropes, fast black angels, humming steel, desert hotels and sad sad eyes. I know I'm going to listen to this one plenty of times.

And savour the inky new smell of a low serial number.

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