Sunday, 20 February 2011

keeping a clean one

The Promise
My passport number 1 ran out some time ago and I didn't renew it. I'm using passport 2 exclusively now. It's the one I refer to as my 'clean' passport, whereas the other one had a lot of messy visas and stamps in it.

The reason I had two passports together was for when I used to travel around more in the middle east. The double passport meant made it easier to avoid certain complications.

The complexities I remember have been re-inforced over the last few days, both with the heightening tensions in some of the countries and also with a couple of stories I've been following.

One is a short story by Robert Macfarlane which starts with his entry to Tel Aviv and the level of questioning involved. I've had that scrutiny, where I've been convinced that the people asking me relentless questions were not believing anything I said.

And then the television series about Palestine and Israel called "The Promise", which wraps together a post World War II plot-line and a modern day take. An English gap year student projects some of the issues when she arrives in a land where there is so much just under the surface. I'll admit I'm quite gripped with mix of real events with a dramatised and edited overlay. I can spot that there's almost too much happening to some of the characters, but it still evokes some of my own feelings about this intractable situation.

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