Friday, 4 February 2011

the hazards of chelsea

This is quite bad really.

I've acquired a random addiction for Chelsea buns. They are normally a spirally current bun with extra lemon peel and cinnamon, about twice the thickness of a Danish pastry but only about half the diameter *. They should really look kind of square-ish rather than round and have some of that blocky looking sugar on the top.

They are really quite old school and wouldn't normally be on my radar.

But as part of my regular shopping I happened to spot them a few days ago and popped some into the basket as a piece of nostalgia. They had the right look - no cherries or icing on top, a hint of cinnamon.

The epicentre of Chelsea Bundom would actually be Pimlico, where the original bakers operated back in the 1700s. There's a road called Bunhouse Place which is about halfway between la Poule au Pot and the Fox and Hounds, and which is where it all started - but no longer a source.

My recent purchase disappeared (not just by me) in a few hours.

I tried them again on Friday. They're also gone.

I'd better avoid that part of my shopping route for a few days.

*They should not be confused with Cinnabon, which is a relatively gigantic American snack coated in a sort of cinnamon paste and weighing in at 880 calories per edible unit.

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