Wednesday, 9 February 2011

FAWM : He brought a riot to the bar

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Did I mention its February Album Writing Month again?

I did it last year and we cranked out a few more Christina Nott tracks. There's enough for an album now, so watch this space.

I didn't plan to do FAWM again this year at all, but couldn't help but have a few more lyrics fall out of my head. I seem to be on track 6 by now, which is in its raw form below.

Don't panic, I won't post them all here this time.

He brought a riot to the bar

No questions in Malloy's, it ain't cool
Black walls, neon beer, shoot pool
Patch eyed bar man slowly chews tobacco
Keeps the glass for those he really knows.

Hippy dude, shadow in the corner
Watch the girl, tight in skinny jeans
And the slicked hair priest with all the tattoos
Flash a smile at leather biker sittin' mean.

At nine there's always a razor stillness
Before the real night-time kicks off
Beer slop, floor mop up with sawdust
Chinese eyes look out for the cop

Lazy eyed vixen in the see through skirt
Moves in on the soldier eating mix
Soon they're dancing a wolf kinda tango
While the band scrubs a Mexican lick.

Red tie stranger swills another tequila
Slides a drink to the girl in Cuban heels
The snare does double hit
Slo-mo, glass, it really kicks.

He brought a riot to the bar
He bought a riot to the bar
He brought a riot to the bar

For the folk that ask no questions,
And the bar that's always night,
A sudden move is all it takes
To choose the side for a fight.

He brought a riot to the bar
He bought a riot to the bar
He bought a riot in the bar

Someone want to have a go at playing it?

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