Monday, 3 January 2011

no reviews

bridges to the future
Our trip back took around six and a half hours yesterday, although I deliberately chose routes to avoid traffic.

It all worked rather well even through the snowy hilly bits and by early evening the landing lights of rashbre central came twinkling into view.

I had great plans for today before commencing full-on work again, but decided instead to take it easy ahead of what is already shaping into a busy schedule.

There should really be time for some of that backward reflection from the last year, but there already too many new things stacking up ahead so it becomes more about tomorrow than yesterday.

It's probably a personal preference, but it's the fun of going forward which somehow wins over reviews.

So I haven't done any.

No book reviews: instead there's a great list of recent book reviews over at Nikki-ann's, which should be enough for plenty of new ideas.

No theatre reviews: instead for theatrical goss and oh so much more there's the untamed lightning of blurred clarity

No protest listings: instead for unusual signage, there's always three leggged cat.

No stories about gadding around the world: instead for continental decisions and unexpected venues, there's always the smoky one.

No road trip travels with music: instead there's the hipstamatic totin' ipod car adventures of the holy hoses

No culinary exploits: instead there's inspirational suggestions from Pat's Perfections.

No glitterati chatterati:instead the mountaintop society weddings are the domain of the Vladtastic.

No fitness or cycling reviews: instead there's the shimmering fitness of Beth and her people watching

No music reviews: instead there's the consistent chart and listings action of a little night music

No top notch festive sharing: instead a certain bob-kat can do that so much better

No fruity suggestions: instead go simply bananas with the Lady herself.

And certainly no trashy exultations: instead go to the original keyhole for such an organ

Happy New Year; a new kind of normal will commence immediately.

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