Saturday, 15 January 2011

jammed week

I see my last post was about "slip sliding' away" and that's the feeling from the last week.

Where did it go?

We have just been through that annual start up period and quite a few counters get reset and dials twisted as everything ramps up again.

It's a short time containing an abnormal share of special meetings, plans and PowerPoint alongside the normal stuff.

It's impacted the scribbles that normally make it to rashbre central blog. My approach is supposed to be to write an entry each day taking around 10 minutes including adding a picture. Sounds simple enough? A sort of short postcard about anything.

That's when it surprises me to see that it was actually last Sunday that I last wrote anything here at all.

It doesn't feel that long ago because of the travel, hotels, client meetings, decks of materials and other paraphernalia of my working world. Bizarrely (for many people) I was commuting to my office on Friday for a meeting at around the time most people were heading home for the weekend. Traffic jams in both directions accompanied by those ultra intense sparkly police lights with a combination of red and blue flashes. I made it back to the sofa by about 10pm.

So today's plans are purely social and later I'll be in the King's Road and then maybe on for a movie. I sense an evening with restaurants may also be ahead. Formulaic? Maybe. Fun. For sure.

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