Wednesday, 19 January 2011

bodyguard manouvre

Yesterday evening featured a business dinner. In fact this week is filled with various evening sessions, as well as a couple of lunches. The thing that made yesterday's unusual was partly because I was a late arrival. I'd been told the venue and made my own way there, about an hour later than everyone else.

I had a good reason for being late but it meant I missed the briefing about the nature of the event.

So when I arrived I was shown to a private room where the door was very carefully opened. I could see inside through a small opening and there on the table were a couple of black assault rifles, next to a few magazine clips. Across the room I could see someone firing a handgun and further across the room I could see glasses where the table had been set for a meal.

I felt my pulse rate quicken before I worked out what was happening.

"You'd better put these on," I was instructed, as someone handed me some safety goggles.

Of course, the theme of the session was about focus and targets for the new year, and someone had decided to make it very literal with what out to be supervised target shooting.

Luckily there was quite a gap before it was my turn to be instructed in the ways of bodyguard defence.

A real case of shooting from the hip.

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