Thursday, 20 January 2011

all is not what it seems in bedlam

bedlam heights
I see that the forthcoming television series about a converted asylum is getting ready to launch a property web-site to support its activities.

Also that the copy for the web-site plays around with some of the plot-line such as its references to 'existing residents' and 'residents old and new'.

The green lettering has something in common with the goo that will run down the wall in the opening episode. And don't get me started on that messy bath. The soundtrack is pretty good and this is one to watch in the dark or with flickering candles to get the best effect.

For The Triangle I did something similar with its deliberately confusing related site.

The Bedlam storyline is around a new metro lifestyle housing block in a converted building where some of the 'older residents' seem to still have a point of view about what should happen.

Excuse the pencil-drawn placeholder logo below. I'd move the sofa away from the wall.
bedlam heights

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