Saturday, 13 November 2010

small craft on a milk sea

On Friday evening I was staring at the weekend thinking about all the things I really wanted to do.

By Sunday I'll know that I've missed a few, partly because I still had a couple of largish piece of work to process. I managed to keep Saturday work free, so that I could do shopping and other normal activities, alongside some Nanowriting and a bout of television watching.

I've reached that point in the writing where the lack of a pre-planned plot needed to be resolved, so that I have ways to draw the somewhat diverse strings together during the next section. I'm not sure how many people do this the way I do, where I start with absolutely nothing and then see what happens. The characters somehow draw themselves and at some point I get an inkling of what kind of story is going to mature.

I now have more of plan, probably influenced by the Brian Eno ambient music collages I've been listening to whilst writing.

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