Sunday, 17 October 2010

woodpecker - I know where you live

greenwoodpecker adult femaleJack Frost had done the rounds this morning and I decided that long fingered gloves would be best for cycling. There was a sharpness in the air and I could see the steam from my breath even before I'd started any pedalling.

A combination of sunshine and the icing sugar frost sprinkled across the landscape will probably guarantee the hasty departure of leaves now, although my route was still through more green than orange, rust or yellow.

Part way along, I spotted the swooping flight of a woodpecker and for the next kilometre or so it darted along the trees by the side of me flashing a red head and green body as it clung high up to the sides of trees.

I'm back indoors now, with its noticeable temperature change from outside. Next on the list is some report writing before I get myself organised for my flying visit to Dublin.

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