Saturday, 23 October 2010

more fitting for cyclemeter daily

I seem to have had a recent blog post featured in the new "Cyclemeter Daily" which appears to be an aggregator based blog using

As the Cyclemeter blog is (mainly) about cycling and my posted entry seems to be about music, I thought I'd post a gratuitous cycling entry today as a sort of means of support for Steven Healey's endeavour.

So the bike in the picture is a 'before' shot of a bike which I use but will shortly adapt for some of the harder weather. The main differences will be mudguards and a rear rack and maybe a clip on pannier. And then perhaps I'll put some shorter and more comfortable sticky-out bars on the front. Oh, and better lights.

Not the most earth-shattering items, but I'm sure there's plenty of people with similar ideas at this time of year.

I'll post another picture when its been converted into something more - er - practical for the upcoming season.
iphone bike

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