Saturday, 9 October 2010

it's got a basket, a bell that rings and things to make it look good

bike show fix
I popped briefly into the bike show in Earl's Court today for which they'd set up a big bicycle park outside.

Inside there was a strikingly blue carpet (more or less the main colour of the rashbre central background) and large numbers of people roaming around looking at the various equipment on display. It's ages since I've been to an Earl's Court exhibition, and I suspect the last time was for something to do with information technology.

The format seemed identical, though, with the stands, a few larger areas and some exhibits - in this case of mountain bike trails and a commuter circuit where the latest folding and fixie bikes were being pedalled around. The edges contained snack bars which I'd place in the 'absolute emergency use only' category.

There were plenty of exotic bikes on show, and lots of high tech gears and gizmos.

I'd wondered if it was going to be a small affair, but there seemed to be a largish part of the Hall set aside and in some places the crowds completely blocked the walkways.

Perhaps the combination of improving cycleways, green agenda, London Hire Scheme and similar is moving more people back onto two wheels?

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