Monday, 25 October 2010

early bicycle winterisation

winterising the bike
I know its early to be thinking of such things but with holly in the shops and Santa sighted on television, it's time to adapt the hybrid bike for the less clement seasons.

It is easier to do things with screwdrivers when it is still light and not horribly cold and wet (although I did manage to jag a hole in my hand which I didn't notice until I wondered what was sticky).

The bike has now got a front mudguard and a rear rack added (which also acts as a rear mudguard).

I also changed the handlebar grips to ones which are a bit more tactile. The bag has enough space for clothes and gloves and could even flip into pannier mode if needed. I'm thinking I should also add a rear mudguard, but I'm trying to use up spare parts and haven't found anything suitable yet.

The lights need sorting out, but that's the next stage.

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