Thursday, 21 October 2010

discarded plotlines

With Nanowrimo approaching, as in previous years, here's a few quick plotlines I won't be using...

Johnny uncovers a dystopian parallel universe on his way to the dry cleaners. His partner Sue doesn't believe him and considers that Johnny is progressively going mad. Then a couple of characters from the otherworld seep back into Johnny and Sue's world and realise that it's actually a lot better then the place they've come from.

One of them eventually seduces Sue as a ploy to stay on her side of the universe. To begin with Johnny is unaware but later discovers the affair via the second person who has has moved across. Johnny becomes so angry that he mistakenly chases the manipulator back to the other side. Sue realises that she has been led along and follows Johnny, finally conceding that the otherworld exists. The twist is that the manipulators know the only way they can move across is to find substitutes - who of course are Johnny and Sue.

This one goes straight to video.

A hard-boiled ex-policeman has lost his nerve after a shootout in an abattoir, where his buddy met his end. He now lives alone by a lake outside of Chicago. One day a black helicopter arrives to ask him to come back for a special mission. They have found the Russian mafia gang that he was chasing and want to use him as part of a set-up to catch them and end their weapon traffic-ing.

The cop refuses but is then lured into the plot anyway by a stylish female detective who arrives at his doorstep one wet and windy night, ostensibly because her car has run out of gas.

Of course, this is the generic build up to the madcap actions of the hero and heroine as they get caught in ever more improbable situations culminating in a shipyard filled with oil tankers that needs to be attacked by the US Air Force.

Isabel lives in Paris, where she make a living as a waitress and occasional painter. One day, an American tourist is lost in the city and come into the cafe to ask for directions. He asks the maitre'd for help but can't understand anything until Isabella intervenes. Too embarrassed to do more than say thank you, he then leaves the cafe to find his destination.

Two days later, Isabella is in another cafe with a couple of friends. They are laughing artistically when she spots the same tourist across the street. This time he is walking erratically and appears to be holding his side. She notices a red stain on his coat. Could it be blood?

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