Saturday, 11 September 2010

Through Low Light and Trees with the Smoke Fairies

We were sitting in the kitchen yesterday listening to old Roy Harper tracks and chatting. "You haven't posted about any new music recently?" came the comment.

"Er nope, I've not had much time..." came my reply.

Then today a little padded bag dropped onto the mat. In it was the brand new Smoke Fairies CD and a little pack with a set of postcards.

This delicious smoky folky New Orleans influenced duo's new album conjures more of their atmospheric and sometimes dark lyrics.

They've moved beyond their two guitars in places but even their stripped down sound is quite haunting. You might want to take a listen to them playing their old single "dances with ghosts" before finding a way to obtain their new album. Click the shop to jump to their site, join their mailing list and get a free track.
smoke fairies emporium

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