Wednesday, 22 September 2010

shopping expedition

I'm trekking up and down the UK again this week, to various meetings. Today has featured London, a business park and then a haul along the M40 and M6 to the outskirts of Manchester.

I managed to choose the worst services in Britain for a stop on the way.

As I pulled off the road, my satnav was still saying everything was fine, but there was an immense line of traffic to get into the services, which were across the other side of the motorway via two roundabouts.

I'd only picked them because they claimed to have a reasonable shop where I could get some supplies for the evening instead of Yet Another Late Night Hotel Meal.

I eventually discovered that the line of traffic was all going somewhere else but effectively blocked the access to the services. After a long wait, I drove into the services and had the dawning realisationthat I'd been there once before after it had caught fire or something.

There is now what I assume is a temporary huge tin shed whilst they rebuild the damaged one behind construction fencing.

Anyway, I did get some modest supplies, which was reassuring because when I arrived at my last-minute choice of hotel, the person in front of me was complaining about the long wait in the restaurant.

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