Friday, 17 September 2010

leveraged buying

bolt cuttersI've a pretty good, if somewhat random, selection of tools which are kept mainly in the garage.

If truth were told there are some tools (investments) that are best left untouched. Some electrically operated devices can do enormous damage very quickly. And don't get me onto the ones that use petrol.

The manufacturers have got wise to this over time though, and cunningly include batteries and battery chargers that take ages to boost the tools back into life. Just long enough to have second thoughts.

But there's a job I need to do now that really requires bolt cutters. I could make do with tortured hours using hacksaws, but I'd have to go out and buy new blades anyway.

The thing is, I'd no idea how much a bolt cutter costs. It looks like a big and impressive item - the sort of things that television robbers carry to heists - or that heroes find in the nick of time to cut the heroine free from the chains that are being hauled over the acid tank.

There are big and impressive devices which probably require both hands to lift, but I've discovered that perfectly serviceable ones can still give change from a tenner.

I suppose it will reduce two or three hours of struggling to cut some items down to about a minute.

Pretty good leverage, as some might say.

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