Wednesday, 29 September 2010

a bit of a blur

its all a bit of a blur
I could tell that Wednesday was going to be a hectic day. I'd cleared the morning for a special task but then various encroachments into my calendar had started to appear. A mixed transport mode day to make it all work including phone calls from car parks.

The schedule involved various overseas conference calls and in one case the main documents were emailed after I'd jumped into my car, such that I'd only got access from a Blackberry. Any hope to read the material was somewhat dashed.

However, it was all going fine up to the point where I'd arranged to meet two people in a pub before a late-ish afternoon meeting. "It's under the railway bridge, I'll be there before you and can guide you in", said my telephone colleague, adding helpfully, "I don't have the address or postcode, but you can't miss it".

I didn't.

But they did - along with a complicated explanation about where they'd needed to park their car in order to catch a train. At least I'd enjoyed a coke, whilst watching a station clock in the pub move towards the hour.

We had our meeting and then went back to the same pub - the only refreshment zone in the area. A quick chat and I had to leave, in order to get somewhere quiet for my six o'clock.


An uncharted part of South London. No tube or cabs and a deluge of rain. My newly acquired girly umbrella flicked into use. A few quid from the ladies' shoes department in Marks and Spencer's a couple of days ago. A petite brolly with a tiny semi circular handle which I'll describe as "compact".

I headed towards distant Westminster and almost immediately spotted one of those bike racks. No taxis, but a short spin back towards North of the River. It was worth getting wet to save the time. Park the bike near Waterloo and a cab to my next rendezvous (no I couldn't have made it by bike in the time).

Arriving just in time for my next thirty minute session before deciding to power down for a few minutes television but with an eye on the traffic.

Thursday is a WAH day.

Working from Home.

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