Wednesday, 25 August 2010

whistle a merry tune

same old song?
I don't usually pay that much attention to the stats on this blog.

Ages ago I set up those little tracker things and would check them fairly regularly but as years go by I've paid less attention. But I must admit I was tempted to create some traffic at the weekend when I saw the counter was nearing a major number increment.

I resorted to the cheap trick of posting about the television talent show that has been allegedly adjusting its singing quality via software. i decided to use the show name and the possible software in the title of the post and then add some information about the specific technology.

It worked quite well and I did get a boost to readership and even some offline emails asking for further information. It did the trick of bumping the counter so I could feel quietly smug about my little experiment.

What I noticed, though, was the relatively non-investigative coverage of the story in the media after the event. The Sunday ink papers couldn't carry the story anyway because of deadlines and by Monday the story was little more than the same comments that had been twittering during Saturday.

I'd thought (but not blogged) about the possible fraudulent considerations of tampering with musical performances and then asking people to pay good money to cast their votes towards the one they judged best.

That issue doesn't seem to have surfaced though and the popular press seem to be relaying the "it's not really a talent show its entertainment" line.

Keep sending the money.

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