Monday, 23 August 2010


find a little wood
I managed to get car wash wet during Monday, when I took some time out for a little ride in the country. It was pleasant enough when I started, but by the time I was a few miles along, the rain had decided to excel.

My last recent downpour had felt like rods of stinging ice, but this time it was pleasantly warm. I'm guessing the difference has more to do with a cooler air temperature rather than warmer rain.

I'd thought about taking waterproofs before I started, but decided to go tee-shirt light. It's probably an early warning of the need to be slightly more sensible.

In the event, I finally surrendered to the water when I couldn't really see the road and found a handy canopy of trees until the rain subsided. My patience paid off, and a short time later there was again a hint of better sky to keep me in a good mood for my return journey.
Arrow Lane

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