Thursday, 5 August 2010

no claustrophobia on this submarine

no claustrophobia on this sub
There's that bit in a Tarantino film when Uma Thurman and John Travolta discuss what later becomes the plot of Kill Bill. And I think the same thing happens in Notting Hill Gate when Julia Roberts rehearses the lines of her next movie with Hugh Grant. Its something to do with being a commander on a submarine and having to talk in improbable sounding jargon, which the Julia Robert's character suitably mispronounces.

But the producers from the BBC were watching and thought "Hey, that's not half bad, don't y'know" and commissioned a whole series based upon the rooftop scene.

It's called 'The Deep' and about a spacious submarine underneath the North Pole. There's a great and suitably diverse gang of crew although Minnie Driver has managed to wangle the part originally destined for Julia Roberts. I initially wondered why there wasn't a spiky haired oriental looking person in the crew but was then relieved a couple of scenes later when one showed up in the UN tracking station.

I've heard others being scornful of this project, but I'm regarding it as an interesting piece of light entertainment. The submarine's interior is about the same size as a space ship from Alien and has plenty of Sci-fi pods and flashing lights all around. There's obviously a great conspiracy happening outside in the 700 degree centigrade thermal ducts which don't seem to melt the icebergs.

We also have a possibly murderous latecomer to the crew who knows Everything but won't say a word.

In effect, we have a great collection of space drama plot devices stacked up in this five parter mini-series. Or should that be Minnie series?

I will be watching. Open the pod bay doors.

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