Monday, 2 August 2010

Lizzie Pattinson

Lizzie Pattinson
We ran into Lizzie Pattinson performing whilst we were on the Island. Lizzie's last name is a give-away because she is the sister of Robert Pattinson, who is in the Twilight and Eclipse vampire films. A noticeably large group of press photographers arrived as she hit the stage.

Last weekend we'd seen Ella Edmonson who is the daughter of Ade Edmonson and Jennifer Saunders whilst we were in Devon, and its interesting to see how these multi-talented families handle their diverse streams of output.

In Lizzie's case it was bluesy, jazzy singing with quite an American edge to it. I was slightly surprised that someone from Wimbledon would sound more from the other side of the Atlantic than ours. I don't think it was just me though, because I heard others asking if she was American.

It was a pleasant enough set, but I can't help thinking it would be so much better in a club rather than across a vast early evening field. I suspect she would strike more rapport in such a jazzy setting. It was also probably more of a night-time set too, which maybe does provide a linkage to her brother's performance craft.

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