Sunday, 15 August 2010

in which i return the fixie home for fixin'

Back from some cycling this morning, before most of the area is properly awake.

I wasn't in much of a hurry and even returned once to swap bikes because I'm still breaking in an experimental single speeder which seems to need more fixin'-up work to be done to it than my usual multi speeder.

Frankly the fixie is a bit of an economically assembled amalgam of parts, so it's not that surprising that it is protesting a little. The chain is making unfortunate crunching sounds, its got some temporary pedals and the saddle is a kind of cloth which seems to suck in the slightest amount of rain.

I'd pinged on the Cyclemeter iPhone app before I started and of course it then worked out the route for the two bikes together and even sent me an unexpected email afterwards analysing my progress and showing my route on a little map.

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